At FABMASTER we provide the utmost competitive service combining automation and intelligent manpower with the most modern eco-friendly technology.

We have partnered with the leading international equipment & chemical providers to ensure every linen reaches clean and fresh to your doorstep.


  • Highly sophisticated & leading brand equipment with high efficiency
    • Milnor (USA)
    • Jenson (Germany)
    • Sidi (Italy)
    • Real Star (Italy)
  • 330 cm wider width Jensen Ironer ensures folding free ironing even for your super King size Bedsheets and Duvet


Is the ultimate evolution on how to manage our laundry operation, comprising of a reliable dispensing system with real-time remote monitoring capabilities providing easy-to-use management information anytime, anywhere.

Intellilinen enables to:

  • Reduce Rewash
  • Guarantee Wash Quality
  • Control Costing



Utilizing RIFD barcoding for the entire process for greater efficiency and shorter time frames with minimum manpower.