We are Masters in offering a fully integrated Housekeeping & Cleaning solution, providing you with a skilled
team, working with both commercial and residential premises.

What Do We Sell?

We sell ‘Peace of Mind’!
You sell your Rooms and ‘Leave the Rest to Us’


What Products & Services Do We Provide?

  • Top-Notch Housekeeping and Cleaning Services
  • Intelligent Linen Rental Solution
  • High tech and brand-new Laundry
  • Guaranteed Germ-Free Disinfection and Sanitization
  • Professional Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
  • Magnificent Marble, Granite & Wood Polishing
  • Expert Technical Maintenance & Repairs
  • Premium Quality Guest Room Supplies and Amenities
  • Inventory management services for linen & other items in the apartment
  • And a World Class Linen & Bedding Manufacturing Brand- SAT Linen www.satlinen.com

Can you believe all the above products and services are provided by our own team and no part of this process is outsourced to any third-party vendor?


Visit us and see for yourself!


Why Are We Unique?

We are unique in our ability to provide complete in-house products and services and offer unparalleled coordination and completion of all jobs on time.

Why Should You Wait?

Contact us today on +971-4-8815902 or email us at info@fabmaster.me to know more



We understand the need for superior cleaning and top-notch room setting in the Hotel & Holiday Home industry and are Masters in achieving this. We will take care of your cleaning chores so that you can focus on what’s important to you.


All our services are managed by our expert professional team members who possess in-depth knowledge in the field. We use high-quality tools and products to make your space clean where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


We meet your daily needs of linen on a pay-per-use basis be it your Room Linen or Food & Beverage Linen. Linen can be customized as per the specifications of the client or our customers are free to choose from our wide range of standard pool stock.


At FABMASTER we provide the outmost competitive service combining automation and intelligent manpower with most modern eco-friendly technology.

We have partnered with the leading international equipment & chemical providers to ensure every linen reaches clean and fresh to your doorstep.

Disinfection and Sanitization

• A germ-free environment is guaranteed with FAB Master disinfection treatments.
• Totally risk-free and safe to use chemicals
• All bacteria and Viruses are effectively eliminated
• Provides a clean atmosphere for a long time.


Upholstery and Carpet cleaning

We use professional equipment and solutions for effective Upholstery & Carpet cleaning. Our trained technicians can handle delicate leather and upholstery and produce brilliant results. Cleaning can be conveniently done in your apartment or detailed jobs can be done in our cleaning factory.

Floor Polishing services

We can sort all your floor Polishing needs with our in-depth knowledge in carrying out a magnificent job.
• Granite Polishing
• Marble Polishing
• Wooden Polishing


Technical Maintenance Services

Our expert technical maintenance team will let you know of any maintenance and repair needed in your hotel room or apartment. Our complete in-house team means seamless coordination with our cleaning team and the job is done before the next guest checks in.

Guest Room Amenities Supply

We pamper your guests with premium guest room amenities and supplies and provide you with complete
convenience and control over amenities inventory and costs.



At FABMASTER we believe the world is not just for us, but for all our future generations to come. It is our responsibility to ensure as minimal impact possible in our environment and to preserve it green. 


We use most innovative technology to reduce the wastage of natural resources and use only nonhazardous chemicals and detergents that are internationally approved and accepted.


We proudly use SAT LINEN for all our products. Our cutting edge technology combined with superior quality offered by SAT Linen assures result that delivers every time.

SAT Linen is used and appreciated in over 1000 leading hotels, restaurants and hospitals across more than 30 different countries.


Legacy of a brand reflects from the clients they work with. We take pride to partner with leading holiday home providers across the United Arab Emirates.
  • Fam Living
  • Maison Privee
  • Houst
  • Better Homes
  • Guest Ready
  • Allsopp & Allsopp
  • Atlas Holiday Homes
  • Ace Holiday Homes
  • Beytie.com
  • Via Holiday Homes